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Nov 22, 2012
@ 11:41 pm
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Uncanny X-Men Annual #12 (1988)

In which The X-Men had recently been eliminated, and Mojo, living in a universe that centers around TV ratings (who profited off of broadcasting their exploits), is incredibly distressed and auditioning new X-Men to replace them. (Special appearance by Vanna White, apparently.)

We see genderbent X-Men, animal X-Men, mech X-Men, etc., and of course, the X-Babies.  It’s so friggin’ glorious.

THIS is what made me love comics in the first place.

PLUS. ART ADAMS and his flawless art.

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    I love how ridiculous Girlverine’s helmet ears are~
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    I loved this.
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    This got reblogged a bunch of times recently but… this is the FIRST TIME I’ve noticed that everyone’s got four fingers....
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    i had buried this memory so deep that i felt a physical wave of nostalgia upon seeing these images.
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    Yeah, this is a classic!